Membership Benefits

Not Your Traditional Partner

Not the Traditional AIA

If you are an architect in Ventura County, become a member of the AIA today!

AIA VC simplifies your life. Times are changing in our community and the profession; the AIA VC influences things for the better.

AIA VC works on local solutions. Community housing, zoning laws, and land-use decisions hit you at home. AIA VC fights for improvements and change that benefits you.

AIA VC is proactive. Through design charrettes and competitions, our members design more livable and affordable communities. Your projects are recognized and rewarded.

AIA VC is there when you can’t be. Backed with the combined voice of our members, we advocate the issues that affect you and give you the help and support you need.

AIA VC brings people together. When local architects come together as one, there are no limits to what they can accomplish within the profession, within the community and around the world.

AIA VC promotes you. Award programs, networking opportunities, county events offer unparalleled exposure, connections and marketing opportunities for you and your clients.

Join Us… It’s a wise investment for your practice, profession, and future.
(Excerpts from “The AIA in California: Your Partner in Practice”)

  • Professional advocacy before Legislative and regulatory activities and lobbying efforts at the local state and national level.
  • Opportunity to participate in the local political process and local planning.
  • AIA activities and programs at the National State and Local levels.
  • Informational resources: publications access to AIA resource center and library
  • Member discounts for: AIA Bookstore rental cars hotels credit card availability.
  • Participation in and discounts for AIA programs at national state and local levels.
  • Free firm and member listings in the AIA VC online Membership Directories.
  • Access to members only area of the Ventura County Chapter website as well as the AIA National's website and AIA California Council's website
  • Discounts on chapter programs.
  • Free job listings on the AIA VC website.
  • Discounts on contract documents and publications purchased through AIAVC.
  • Free subscription to the AIA VC newsletter.
  • Free email broadcasts of monthly AIA VC programs and events.
  • Access to the AIA Trust offering members information about quality insurance retirement plans legal information services.
  • Subscription to Architect Magazine AIArchitect and other publications. (Architect and Associate members only).
  • Professional fellowship and contacts which enhance growth and personal experience.
  • An opportunity to address issues and affect policy that governs the profession and practice of architecture.
  • Better legislative and regulatory environment in which to practice. Special interest growth and contacts.
  • Opportunities to give back to the community.
  • Personal professional growth.

As a member, you will have the opportunity to help shape the future of your profession and our community through chapter committees as well as a thriving advocacy program. In addition, membership offers ample opportunity for professional development and networking to advance your career.

AIA VC Connects You In addition to the local benefits AIA VC brings to you, membership also gives you access to the resources of the national AIA, some of which are listed below: